We love to create beautiful bespoke frocks & other garments, so if you don't find something you love absolutely on our shop, look through our range of kimonos & designs available, and perhaps we can tailor something to your tastes.

If you’re in Tokyo, you can schedule an appointment to visit our home studio for a fitting and to peruse the kimonos we have available for reconstruction.

If you’re not sure what you’re after, or you just want to send you some love, just skip the extra details and send us a message! Would love to hear from you!

Please fill out the form below - feel free to give as much detail as possible


1. All our kimonos are photographed to the best of our ability, if you wish to have extra photos to help your choices, please don’t hesitate to ask.

2. Our kimonos are pre-loved, hence due to their history any frays or oddities are all of part of their history & character. 

3. We will only make one of each particular design using a particular kimono, however the same design can be made in a different kimono & vice versa: the same kimono in a different design.

4. We are advocating the move of ‘slow fashion’ rather than fast, therefore we utilize all of the available kimono fabric to create different designs so that there is no waste.

5. Body measurements are very important for any custom order, so taking your bust, waist, hips, height ACCURATELY is crucial. We will send you a list of measurements required.

6.  A custom order generally takes around one month from when we start unpicking your selected kimono. Please allow for flexibility for this time frame, as numerous fittings may have to occur depending on the design & customer's measurements. 

7. Please be aware there is also at times a waiting list for custom orders. 

8. If you find a kimono you love that you wish no one else to claim but you’re not sure what you want made; the kimono can be held for you for a non-refundable deposit of 10,000JPY. The kimono can be held up for a period of 2 months, after it will be released back for availability.


1. All bespoke order pieces are non-refundable and require a 10,000JPY or equivalent currency deposit.

2. Bespoke orders will be made to the measurements taken on the day of fitting. Any changes to measurement will incur an alteration charge of 5000JPY

3. Once the design is finalized, any subsequent design changes will incur an alteration charge of 5000JPY

4. An installment payment option (lay-by) is available case by case.

5. Final payment must be received before the product is mailed out/given over. Any minor changes/alterations to the finished piece after the customer has picked up the finished order will be charged 5000JPY. Major changes' cost will be discussed individually.

6. We understand life happens, and unexpected things can pop up. If you have chosen a kimono & decided on design, but cannot afford to complete the order. We are happy to transfer your kimono deposit for a *future bespoke order. The kimono you’ve chosen will be placed back into availability for other clients.

*Please let us know as soon as possible *future bespoke order to be placed within 9months ie. choosing of new kimono & design.

Name *
Please let us know what kind of design you are interested in for your custom order...
Please write the code of your top 2- 3 kimonos you are interested in to reconstruct for your bespoke piece, as not all weights of kimonos are suitable for certain designs. Codes are found if you hover each kimono image.
When do you need this order by? Custom Orders take a minimum of 30 working days. If you need an EXPRESS Order please mention it in the "message" section below.
measure around the smallest part of your stomach - generally under the ribcage
measure around hips & the widest part of your bottom please.


What material do you use?

All of Tokyo Kaleidoscope frocks & other products are handmade from vintage Japanese kimonos

Where do you find the kimonos?

Our kimonos are sourced from vintage kimono dealers, shops & vintage markets across the Greater Tokyo area.

What are the kimonos made from?

Vintage Japanese kimonos were traditionally made from Japanese silks, cottons & linens or a combination of blends.

We have tried our utmost to confirm from all our sources that the kimonos we have chosen are made from such natural materials.

However as these items are vintage, and not all information may have been passed down accurately to the seller over the years, a few of the kimonos may contain polyester blends.

 What condition are the kimonos in?

All our kimonos are pre-loved, consequently any marks, flaws or other oddities in the fabric are a by product of it's history & character.

Is there stretch in kimono fabric?

Kimonos are largely made from natural materials instead of synthetic man made fibres like lycra & nylon. 

As a result, there is minimal if any stretch in the fabric - so our designs are not suitable for constraining the body (eg.. we do not make bandage dress/corset designs)

Our garments are not meant to be worn during high physical activity, as there is some fragility in vintage kimono material

 What does kimono material feel like?

The kimonos vary in feel & texture depending on what they've been made from. Some of the fabrics are soft & flowing, others hold a bit more shape and are stiff, some can also have a shimmer/sheen to the fabric itself.

For custom orders, we are happy to recommend what kimonos are best suited for a design as some kimono materials works better than others.

Can you make larger sizes?

We do make larger sizes (custom order only) however there is a limited amount of fabric available to be used in all the different types of kimonos. Generally the amount of fabric in a kimono can make a frock for sizes XS-L (depending on design)

For ladies that are more curvaceous and depending on the design of the dress  - it is possible to combine two different kimonos together to create something beautiful!

Just email us on inquiries@tokyokaleidoscope.com

How do I care for my Tokyo Kaleidoscope frock?

If no stains have occurred, simply hang your TK piece out to air - away from direct sunlight. We love to spray with a bit of Laundress Fabric Fresh on our frocks to help cleanse.

If a slight stain has occurred, hand wash the garment separately in COLD water with a mild detergent. Do not leave your TK piece to soak in the water. Hang out flat to dry away from strong sunshine

Due to the material's age, your first few washes may bring out some vintage odours. If so air the garment out for a day away from the strong sunlight

If you have a dry cleaner you trust, dry cleaning is also an option.

Please be aware that as the material is vintage, various dying techniques in the past were not steadfast. Dark colours such as navy, greens, reds & blacks etc may run/stain in water/sweat. In addition vintage material may shrink if washed/soaked.

 How do I order a custom Tokyo Kaleidoscope frock?

Please email us on inquiries@tokyokaleidoscope.com to discuss options for your custom order (kimono choice, design, etc) or fill out our CUSTOM form on our website.

How long does a custom order generally take?

A custom order generally takes around one month from when we start unpicking your selected kimono. Please allow for flexibility for this time frame, as numerous fittings may have to occur depending on the design & customer's measurements. 

Please be aware there is also at times a waiting list for custom orders.

However if you find a kimono you love that you wish something to be made from & no one else to claim - the kimono can be held for you for a non-refundable deposit of 10,000JPY. It can be held for a period of 2 months - if a design isn’t chosen by then - the kimono will go back into availability for other customers.

Will I have to pay any duties and taxes on top of my order?

Tokyo Kaleidoscope unfortunately cannot be held responsible for any possible duties & taxes which may be applied by customs in the country where deliver is made. The responsibility for any custom duties, foreign taxes or other fees which may be imposed, will rest with the customer. Please contact your local customs offices if you would like to seek more information regarding taxes and duties. We also unfortunately cannot make any international order as a 'gift,' due to law prohibitions.

When will my order arrive?

Orders will arrive after completion within 3- 14 working days depending on the final destination.

Tokyo Kaleidoscope uses Japan Registered Post & EMS Shipping for international orders.

How can I track my order?

When your order is shipped, we will send you an email within 1-2 working days, containing a tracking number which allows you to easily and quickly locate the whereabouts of your order!

If you did not receive this email, please contact us at inquiries@tokyokaleidoscope.com 

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes we do, international orders are charged at a flat rate of 2000JPY

How much is delivery?

Standard Japan orders are charged at a flat rate of 1000JPY

International orders are charged at a flat rate of 2000JPY

What is your return policy?

For item/s purchased on the online shop:

we are happy to accept returns if the item/s are faulty or does not fit right. 

The item/s  must be in original up-cycled condition with all tags remaining in place.

Item/s must not have been worn, washed or altered in any way by the customer or a third party.

Unfortunately, we can not accept any returns that do not meet these requirements.

Tokyo Kaleidoscope offers a full refund of the item/s (excluding original shipping cost & the return shipping cost )

All custom orders are non-refundable.