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bespoke, handmade, reconstructed

photography |  fabian parkes

photography | fabian parkes

photography |   fabian parkes

photography | fabian parkes


is an eclectic little eco-fashion label

currently based in Tokyo, Japan with roots in Melbourne, Australia.

An advocate of a return to โ€˜slowโ€™ fashion, each garment is unique in itโ€™s print and style.

A strong believer in social responsibility, all our garments are reconstructed from traditional vintage kimonos.

Every garment is personally handmade by Lia, who takes apart every kimono.

Forgoing traditional pattern making techniques, 

the original shape & length of the kimono panels  is utilised,

to be crafted into beautiful modern-day wear. 


Here at TK we hope to create dresses classic in style, gorgeous in print

that will see you through all those important and wondrous occasions in life, remembering...

โ€˜fashion fades, only style remains the same.
— coco chanel