We love to create beautiful bespoke frocks & other garments, so if you don't find something you love absolutely on our shop, look through our range of kimonos & designs available, and perhaps we can tailor something to your tastes.

If you’re in Tokyo, you can schedule an appointment to visit our home studio for a fitting and to peruse the kimonos we have available for reconstruction.

If you’re not sure what you’re after, or you just want to send you some love, just skip the extra details and send us a message! Would love to hear from you!

Please fill out the form below - feel free to give as much detail as possible


1. All our kimonos are photographed to the best of our ability, if you wish to have extra photos to help your choices, please don’t hesitate to ask.

2. Our kimonos are pre-loved, hence due to their history any frays or oddities are all of part of their history & character. 

3. We will only make one of each particular design using a particular kimono, however the same design can be made in a different kimono & vice versa: the same kimono in a different design.

4. We are advocating the move of ‘slow fashion’ rather than fast, therefore we utilize all of the available kimono fabric to create different designs so that there is no waste.

5. Body measurements are very important for any custom order, so taking your bust, waist, hips, height ACCURATELY is crucial. We will send you a list of measurements required.

6.  A custom order generally takes around one month from when we start unpicking your selected kimono. Please allow for flexibility for this time frame, as numerous fittings may have to occur depending on the design & customer's measurements. 

7. Please be aware there is also at times a waiting list for custom orders. 

8. If you find a kimono you love that you wish no one else to claim but you’re not sure what you want made; the kimono can be held for you for a non-refundable deposit of 10,000JPY. The kimono can be held up for a period of 2 months, after it will be released back for availability.


1. All bespoke order pieces are non-refundable and require a 10,000JPY or equivalent currency deposit.

2. Bespoke orders will be made to the measurements taken on the day of fitting. Any changes to measurement will incur an alteration charge of 5000JPY

3. Once the design is finalized, any subsequent design changes will incur an alteration charge of 5000JPY

4. An installment payment option (lay-by) is available case by case.

5. Final payment must be received before the product is mailed out/given over. Any minor changes/alterations to the finished piece after the customer has picked up the finished order will be charged 5000JPY. Major changes' cost will be discussed individually.

6. We understand life happens, and unexpected things can pop up. If you have chosen a kimono & decided on design, but cannot afford to complete the order. We are happy to transfer your kimono deposit for a *future bespoke order. The kimono you’ve chosen will be placed back into availability for other clients.

*Please let us know as soon as possible *future bespoke order to be placed within 9months ie. choosing of new kimono & design.

Name *
Please let us know what kind of design you are interested in for your custom order...
Please write the code of your top 2- 3 kimonos you are interested in to reconstruct for your bespoke piece, as not all weights of kimonos are suitable for certain designs. Codes are found if you hover each kimono image.
When do you need this order by? Custom Orders take a minimum of 30 working days. If you need an EXPRESS Order please mention it in the "message" section below.
measure around the smallest part of your stomach - generally under the ribcage
measure around hips & the widest part of your bottom please.
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to rewear & reconstruct

leanne yew

Photo 5-8-18, 5 41 42 pm.jpg

The original flutter sleeve frock

Photo 5-8-18, 5 59 55 pm.jpg

One of the many things I love about being able to sew my own clothes is that I can alter them into new designs when I get bored of the original design.

I’ve loved this orange-red floral kimono print for an age. It was one of the first kimonos I found, so one of my first experiments into reconstruction and before I used to document my kimono collection.

In this original flutter sleeve mini frock, I realised after putting it together I’d accidentally cut the bodice length a couple centimetres shorter then was ideal for me, especially with a V back which raised the waistband up more than I ideally liked, which also resulted in the skirt of the dress being a tad shorter than I wanted. The pockets were also lower than they are now in my recent designs.

However I still loved the dress so much; even with its few errors I wore it around the world as I couldn’t decide what to change it into. It was only recently I took the two pieces of the mini frock & the maxi skirt and thought how can I change these two, to not waste fabric, but to turn them into pieces I would wear even more?

Plus the waistband on my mini frock had become a wee bit tight! haha.

Photo 11-7-19, 4 43 00 pm.jpg

became a sleeveless open back mini frock

Photo 11-7-19, 7 44 03 pm.jpg

The flutter sleeve mini frock became a sleeveless mini frock with an open back and a wider waist band, which made the skirt drop an extra cm or two in length at the back making it a safer length for bending over, sitting down etc. As much as I love my flutter sleeves, I’m someone who prefers minimal clothing especially for the hot summers where I want to wear as little as possible. The flutter sleeves were taken off and instead used to change the maxi skirt into something I would wear even more!

Photo 22-7-17, 8 17 44 pm.jpg

The original maxi skirt with a slit

Photo 28-12-16, 3 27 10 pm.jpg

From the other fabric remaining in this kimono I first created a maxi skirt with a high slit. Being one of my first pieces, this skirt has travelled around the world with me; from hiking the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu, exploring the islands of the Galapagos, traipsing through Europe and walking barefoot on lush grass in Sri Lanka.

When I first started recreating from kimonos, I would create the outfits with the zips on the side, however after awhile I switched to putting the zips at the centre back as I liked the look better. It always kind of annoyed me that this skirt I loved had a side zip but I didn’t have really have a reason to change it or the time!

After a while I realised that I wear maxi frocks more frequently than maxi skirts, as it was just easier especially whilst travelling so once I came to that realization and decided I would alter my mini frock version, I knew I could take the fabric of my mini frock sleeves and use them to turn my maxi skirt into a maxi frock.

Photo 11-7-19, 3 51 01 pm.jpg

became a bikini front maxi frock with multi-way straps

Photo 18-7-19, 2 38 44 am.jpg


Photo 11-7-19, 3 23 34 pm.jpg


The Aussie girl in me has always been comfortable with a bit more revealing, backless designs especially because I’m rather flat-chested & lack the need of a bra.

Backless, needing support, showing too much cleavage was never a concern for me. However I always had trouble deciding when I made my dresses, do I do an open back or a cross back?

Then I thought, well why don’t I make both possible by making the straps a bit longer and adding in adjustable bra slides… so the question is which way would you wear it? Open Back or Cross Back?! Let me know in the comments below! ^_~

PS. I favour the open back more! teehee

to the next chapter...

leanne yew

and suddenly you just know... it’s time to start something new and trust in the magic of beginnings..
— meister eckhart
Photo 11-5-19, 10 23 18 pm.jpg

Sometimes it’s time to just take that leap of faith, take a risk and see where it leads you. This year, I’m entering a new bend in the road with TK. It’s a path I have always been meaning to traverse down however there’s been a few detours, roadblocks along the way - combined with a few rest stops but I am so excited for this new part of the journey.

I want this blog to encapsulate not only how I incorporate TK into my life, in my travels, but also my journey of trying to make my life more green, more sustainable and more conscious of how I can be even more considerate of Mother Earth whilst living in this amazing city of Tokyo.

I hope to be more proactive with the blogging so have set a goal of twice a month to give me a bit of a push to create content and just see how things go.

Here’s hoping you will find my little musings of words entertaining and perhaps even helpful for your own little world.