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to the next chapter...

leanne yew

and suddenly you just know... it’s time to start something new and trust in the magic of beginnings..
— meister eckhart
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Sometimes it’s time to just take that leap of faith, take a risk and see where it leads you. This year, I’m entering a new bend in the road with TK. It’s a path I have always been meaning to traverse down however there’s been a few detours, roadblocks along the way - combined with a few rest stops but I am so excited for this new part of the journey.

I want this blog to encapsulate not only how I incorporate TK into my life, in my travels, but also my journey of trying to make my life more green, more sustainable and more conscious of how I can be even more considerate of Mother Earth whilst living in this amazing city of Tokyo.

I hope to be more proactive with the blogging so have set a goal of twice a month to give me a bit of a push to create content and just see how things go.

Here’s hoping you will find my little musings of words entertaining and perhaps even helpful for your own little world.