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Seiryuso Ryokan Rendaiji


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Seiryuso Ryokan Rendaiji

leanne yew

AWAY, is a place where it’s not about the money you spend, it’s about the moments you share...

After our Tokyo Celebrations and leading up to our Bali Celebration, we needed a bit of R & R (and for me to escape the Tokyo Winter! brrrr) without spending a ridiculous amount of money, and what better way than a staycation! 

This time round, we stayed at the beautiful SEIRYUSO RYOKAN, part of the The Ryokan Collection (my go to, to selecting choice Ryokans in Japan - extra bonus - it's all in English!)

Nestled in the small sleepy hot spring town of Rendaiji is Seiryuso. A wee bit after the popular beachside town of Shimoda, this town is perfect for a peaceful getaway amongst nature. 

We stayed in the Deluxe Japanese Room - Open Air Bath (KOI), for as tempting as the Hokuto Suite was, there's no point for two of us to stay in a 4 bedroom place.

Our room exceeded our expectations, a simple greeting area which opens into an expansive (especially for Japan) living room, with a delightful wrap around indoor corridor with lounging couches & mini bar fridge and our glorious Open Air Bath into our private garden (below). This time around I chose a traditional tatami room with futons - just like fun childhood sleepovers!

One of the other fabulous features of Seiryuso besides their main hot springs, is their glorious hot-spring heated (heated all year round at a pleasant 33 degrees, and refilled twice daily) pool. Perfect to relax in and do a few laps. A little bit interesting design with it's palm trees and marble pillars, made us feel more like we were in California or Guam rather than the mountainsides of Izu.

Perhaps my favourite thing about Ryokans (besides the private onsens - always book one if you're a couple!!) is the gloriously, delicious seasonal kaiseki food we receive. This time around, was no exception - delicious Japanese lobster (izu-ebi), abalone (awabi), fresh sashimi and so many other delightful dishes.

We stayed two nights and had two very satisfying, belly full dinners & breakfasts. Ryokan's always provide full board of breakfast & dinner, so though the rate per person may seem quite expensive - remember it comes with two meals per night.

TIP: We always pack a bit of a picnic from home for our lunches and pick up fresh ingredients if needed from the local town grocery store. Make it light, coz most likely you'll be stuffed from the breakfast & dinner.

I'm not a fan of Octopus or Squid for sashimi, or even Tuna that much, so I always request types of white fish, like flounder & snapper. In Japan there's such a delightful variety of "white fish", I can't begin to describe how delicious they all are.

Finishing off, with the traditional Japanese rice, miso soup & pickles. With full bellies all you can do is roll around on your futons and relax as your digest your food coma.

Then to be waken up in the morning for a glorious breakfast feast! (below)

Our second day was spent enjoying the pool, and exploring the grounds whilst having a little moment to shoot some of Tokyo Kaleidoscope frocks in their beautiful surroundings and do a little bit of colouring therapy ^_~

After our hearty breakfast and mini shoot, time to go for a walk and explore the local area where we were treated to the most spectacular of sunsets reflected in the river!

Then it was time for Round 2 of dinner & breakfast yumminess!! Some snippets below!

A lovely way to relax & recuperate after a hectic few months, here's hoping we get to go back soon or try another ryokan soon.

Sometimes the best vacation is a staycation...