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leanne yew

To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of lands remote, to travel is to live
— Hans Christian Anderson

The view from the tops of Ravello on a cloudy day

Ravello is located in the clifftops above Amalfi. There are local buses and tour buses (which cost a wee bit more but are much more punctual) which will easily take you back and forth from Amalfi to Ravello. It is a small town & commune, easily explored in a few days.

If we had, had more time and an indispensable amount of funds, I would have gladly stayed a few nights more to explore the beauty of Ravello & stay in one of their luxurious hotels.

The drive from Amalfi

The Duomo

beautiful blooms

From the town square

Driving through the cliffsides to Ravello

lining gorgeous cobblestone paths

Compared to the other cities on the Amalfi, Ravello obviously has no easy access to the beaches the Coast is famed for. Instead Ravello is known for the stunning views of the Mediterranean, their renowned gardens (which unfortunately we didn't get time to view properly) Villa Cimbrone & Villa Rufulo. I have to admit I was happy enough with these beautiful tree lined paths!

Almost feels like cherry blossom time in Japan!

Ravello is also known as the City of Music as there are constant musical performances in the Oscar Niemeyer auditorium and the surrounding gardens.

Particularly over the summer months, the Ravello Festival occurs with endless performances, interviews, screenings of music, art, culture & film. The majority of the music is classical, and the festival's origin dates back to 1953 in honour of Robert Wagner.

Due to our limited amount of time, and the fact the one show we wanted to see was on a different night, we just explored the exhibitions and sat in on a couple meet and greets.

Exploring the many paths around the town

We made sure to take the last bus of the day down to Amalfi - make sure to get to the bus stop half an hour before so you're guaranteed a seat - as it does get crowded! Have an ice cream whilst you wait! Alternatively you can get a taxi down but they can get rather pricey.

In our brief stop in Amalfi, we explored the town square and was treated to one of the most breathtaking sunsets ever! Honestly we had no real desire to stay and explore Amalfi that much, as the beaches were ridiculously crowded ( you always have to pay for a lounge chair/parasol), the shops were overpriced and there were lots of tourists. Pretty much the same in Positano (more on that later).

the local pier

Amalfi at sunset

Amalfi Town

the main church in Amalfi

Bus Ride back along the coastline

I went a bit happy snappy for the sunset photos...but can you blame me? ^_~

Life is a great adventure or nothing