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Eating in Praiano


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Eating in Praiano

leanne yew

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Praiano was such a delight to eat in, fresh local seafood, friendly staff & beautiful moments of relaxation and good food. It's a small town so everything is easily walkable or a quick taxi ride away and a lot of popular restaurants are on the main road.

Franchino | sitting above the the main beach of il Marina - this was the first place we ate in Praiano. We had a light lunch and it was delish. I had a tuna carpaccio with fresh peaches & tomatoes. It was so refreshing and tasty.

il Pirata | near il Marina and very close to the club Africana, il Pirata is beautiful and scenic with its location right by the oceanfront. During the day it also has sunbathing lounges resting on the rock cliff faces from which you can just jump straight into the ocean. We went there for our first dinner, as we had passed it on the way to the beach and we hadn't had time to research properly.

We were rather sad the Uni (sea urchin) pasta (for which there were rave reviews about) wasn't available. Our first appetizer of a selection of fresh fish was a bit disappointing unfortunately - for us it just wasn't worth the price. The gnocchi was delish and the fried seafood platter was decent. We really liked the local wine and ended up buying some from the shops to bring back to Tokyo.

Cocktail Bar | On the walk down to Gavitella Beach is this awesome little cocktail bar (with ice creams!! i forgot the name unfortunately - but its the only one on the walk down). Sweet & small - its the perfect stopping point after climbing back up all the stairs from the beach. We generally went every day and enjoyed a light cocktail to relax from the peak summer heat. It also has some pretty awesome views of the sunset and the surroundings in general.

Cala Gavitella Beach Club | right above Gavitella Beach, is this pretty restaurant with beautiful views. We only ate here for a light lunch, which was a very typical Italian lunch style menu. We had simple baguette sandwich with mozzarella cheese, tomato & ham and a simple pizza. The menu looked alright for dinner but we couldn't fit it in with the amount of nights we had in Praiano.

Vivaro Wine Bar | Vivaro reminded us of one of our favourite restaurants in Tokyo. A one man show, Gennaro the owner, has a simple menu where you choose which main you want "fish or meat" and he cooks it for you. Chosen from the freshest ingredients of the day, and paired with fabulous wines (I believe he was also a sommelier at one of the famous restaurants in Positano) - it's local, hearty and just absolutely yummy! Filled with locals and people travelling from all over the Amalfi, I highly recommend to make a booking.

We were meant to be eat there twice (that's how much we loved it in our 5 night stay in Praiano), but unfortunately on the 2nd time, Gennaro had a scooter accident and had to close the restaurant for that evening. So we count ourselves very lucky we could dine there at least once.

The price is also very reasonable.

La Strada | Popular not only for its delicious food but also the breathtaking views of the sunset from the restaurant's 2nd floor, La Strada needs booking in advance if you want to have a window seat. 

The complimentary heart shaped bread (home made of course) was such a treat. The bread so soft, and warm yet crispy on the edges stuffed with tomatoes, basi & mozzarella was a perfect starter! Honestly I could have kept eating that for the entire dinner.

We had the carpaccio to start (fresh fish of the day) which was lovely (though presentation was a bit unusual). Hubby finally got to have some uni (sea urchin) pasta and it was a delight - a bit stronger taste than what we were used to in Tokyo but yum! I settled for a salame pizza and added mushrooms - my favourite way to eat pizza!

Topped it off with a glass of limoncello with sorbet ^_^

Tramonto d'Oro | This beautiful restaurant was an unexpected meal full of yumminess! We were originally meant to eat at Vivaro again unfortunately he had to close unexpectedly for a night. We were recommended this restaurant by some other diners who were also meant to eat at Vivaro (felt sorry for them, it was their last night and they had been saving Vivaro for a special meal) and had highly enjoyed their meal at Tramonto.

With beautiful ocean sunset views (honestly nearly every restaurant in Praiano has this, they are sitting on such a beautiful location), the hubby had a delicious seafood platter (we liked this one much better than the one at il Pirata) and I finally got to have my lobster fix!

Living in Japan, lobster/crayfish is so rare & expensive that when I go overseas I always try to have some. Fresh & tangy with some delicious linguine, it was perfect for our last night in Praiano

The local tuck shop ^_^ | Every night we dropped by the main sort of general store/cafe in Praiano for some gelati. Apologies forgotten the name. It's the place to buy bus tickets/ calling cards, snacks, bottles of water etc.

The Limoncello factory ^_^ | on our last day in Praiano we had time to kill whilst waiting for our bus, so we walked into this local limoncello factory (forgot its name...) thinking just to waste time and have a look around.

Now I absolutely love limoncello (thanks to all my Italian friends in Tokyo), that and Frangelico are two of my absolute favourite liquers and so it was an absolute pleasure that the owner decided to give us a tour of the small factory next door with an explanation of how they choose the lemons and how the limoncello is made (in English).

We tasted the different stages of the lemon as it's soaked in alcohol, and the variety of flavours of limoncello they had made (strawberry, peach etc). It was quite a bit of alcohol (at that potency) for 10am in the morning! haha. What I also loved was that they didn't waste a single bit of the lemon, the leftover rinds were put into jams and other products. It was fabulous to see that every single bit of them lemon was important and used properly.

If you're in Praiano - do try and visit this lovely little factory and pick up a few bottles if you can! We brought back one (classic limoncello) to Tokyo and it's now just waiting for that special occasion.

In Italy they add work and life, onto food and wine
— Robin Leach