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Kuala Lumpur


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Kuala Lumpur

leanne yew

one’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things
— henry miller

Kuala Lumpur for me is in many ways a city of nostalgia. The sights, the smells, the humidity, everything brings back distant memories of childhood holidays. My parents are both from Malaysia originally, my father Kuala Lumpur & my mother from Malacca.

During my childhood I visited every couple of years until midway through high school and then I didn't return till my 20s. This short trip was my 3rd trip in 10 years. Last time I visited was on my way to Lang Tengah (an island off the coast of Malaysia otherwise known as the "the Eagle in the Middle") and it allowed me to explore KLCC as a tourist.

We stayed again at the Traders Hotel in KLCC (the 'business' hotel of the Shangri La) as it's great value and right in the heart of KLCC with easy walking distance to everything - favourite street food, restaurants and shopping.

It was the perfect relaxing break after our Bali trip to just mentally unwind, enjoy delicious local food and just have our days unplanned and free 

Most of KL for me is just delicious fooding - so do enjoy the delights of Hakka, Pelita, Noble House, Yong Tau Foo, Little Penang, Yumcha and Marini's 57 below

and to break up the fooding - here's a bit of cuteness I picked up in KL. Wherever I tend to travel - I tend to bring back a soft fat plushie to add to my little family of soft toys!

Meet Tootie!

A lovely night at Marini's 57 with an amazing night city view

eat well & travel often