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Galapagos Islands


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Galapagos Islands

leanne yew

live in the sunshine… swim the sea… drink the wild air
— ralph waldo emerson

No matter where I am in my life, travel is something that constantly re-invigorates me and keeps inspiring me to chase the dream.

I was so lucky to have this opportunity to travel to South America over the 2014 summer & visit a couple of the most beautiful & magical places on Earth.

Breathing in the fresh air, having the ocean breeze constantly beside me, swimming with the wildlife and walking undisturbed amongst them on land - the Galapagos Islands is an unbelievable haven to these beautiful creatures.

This blog entry won't feature any fashionable moments, just some moments that have inspired me.

Photos taken by my trusty yet old Nikon D40x

our first day in the Galapagos Islands - visiting our very first Island - absolutely breathtaking, the vividness, the colours, 

the very last stop of our trip before we caught our plane back to Ecuador was visiting the protected breeding grounds of the endangered Galapagos Tortoise.

an awe-inspiring, back to nature 5 day trip over the Galapagos Islands - had far tooooooo many photos to go through and choose from, but hopefully these few I've posted have given you a glimpse of the beauty out there!