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The Amalfi Coast


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The Amalfi Coast

leanne yew

Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times
— asian proverb

The Amalfi Coastline

I really wanted to get some serious sunshine & ocean on our trip and after hearing rave reviews from friends & seeing breathtaking photos - we chose to visit the Amalfi Coast.

Traditionally a lot of people will reach the Amalfi Coastline via Naples, Sorrento or Salerno. However a lot of the internal flights I found, were just not viable as they wasted whole days sitting in the airport and then still having to take a bus or reserve a private car; and I'm all about efficiency for transit moments.

Instead we took a chartered bus from the local station Tiburtina in Rome which took a few hours and allowed us to view the beauty of the rugged coastline. If you're game with the windy roads and are a very confident driver than people suggest to hire your own car to drive up and enjoy the views at your leisure.

This website helped a lot when I was first researching |


Amalfi on the way to Ravello

Our favourite beach in Praiano

Breathtaking sunsets

Along the Amalfi Coast, lies the beautiful cities of Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, Ravello, Salerno, the smaller towns of Minori, Maiori, Cetara, Vietri and the glamorous island of Capri. 

Sorrento is technically not considered part of the Amalfi Coast, but you will bypass it if you're coming from the North and a lot of people enjoy visiting it as it's has easier access to modern trappings of atms, McDonalds etc.


5 nights in the Amalfi Coast was a perfect amount of time. We chose our base as Praiano (more on that later!) and managed to visit popular Positano and pretty Ravello with a brief stop in Amalfi (more on those later too!). 

We decided to forgo Capri, as though visually beautiful and one of the best routes to see the gorgeous coastline - it just didn't seem justified to pay the cost of spending a restricted amount of time with hordes of tourists and ridiculous marked up goods.

However, the Amalfi was beautiful, inspiring and a perfect relaxing break before heading back to Rome. We loved the slightly more sleepy, local city of Praiano and highly recommend it.

NOTE: In off-peak season, the public bus routes are significantly less. April - October are peak times when more buses run and you can also enjoy ferry boat transfers from some of the cities, though again their times are not always the most reliable.

Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost