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Ballgowns for the Amalfi


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Ballgowns for the Amalfi

leanne yew

I never need an excuse to wear a fabulous frock
— me

I adore creating fabulous frocks & often in Tokyo I do have the occasion to dress up to the nines in floor skimming ballgowns. However it does come to a situation that all the occasions are within weeks of each other so it seems a bit wrong to wear the same frock that people remember especially to give my little label some attention. Hence I have quite a few famous frocks that I have yet to wear more than once/twice. 

Which brought me to a dilemma questioning the ethos of what I want to create with my little brand - not to waste | create unnecessary items.

As much as everyone always has that one dress (ok maybe two) that is only for a special occasion/holds special memories - I have quite a few (all handmade by me) so I started to explore the idea of how could I make these gorgeous ball gowns more versatile and yet totally different looks.

Consequently my two piece separate ball gown creations were made! Gorgeous for a special occasion and still stunning for a fun night out without being over the top.

And what better place then to have a mini photoshoot in the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Thanks to my amazing husband who *happily* (ok kind of sleepily) took these photos for me instead of me using my mini tripod by myself and looking a tad weird hahaha.

Don’t save something for a special occasion. Every day of your life is a special occasion
— Thomas S. Monson