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To London We Go!


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To London We Go!

leanne yew

London is always a good idea

I tend to travel a lot during the months of July & August. In 2014, Aron & I travelled around parts of South America where he proposed whilst we were hiking the Inca Trail. This year we will be travelling around South East Asia. However the last summer, we finally made it back to England & also visited Italy (in the next post!)

Fresh Pimms with seasonal fresh fruit

Enjoying a beautiful summer's day in Sonning

First things first, when in London - give me a pitcher of Pimms! One of my most favourite summer cocktail drinks ever, it's just so light & refreshing on a summer's day along with being slightly diabolical especially when one is slightly jetlagged and the eating schedule is out of whack!

if we ever move to London... our home?? hahaha

The architecture... love!!

It was my first time visiting London for a concentrated amount of time (last time I was in London, I flew in, spent a night, flew to the Greek Islands, flew back to London, flew out to Croatia the next day - you get the picture) and the first time Aron had been back in 5 years! So we both enjoyed visiting friends, family & being tourists in the city.

Immersive Theatre!! Wish Tokyo had this!

How I've missed Cheese service like this!!

What a psychedelic crazy adventure! Highly reccommend!

Delicious simple brunches

We visited the markets, the National History Museum, saw Les Miserables, experienced Alice's Adventures Underground Immersive Theatre under Waterloo Station, watched a play at The Mill at Sonning, ate at some delicious restaurants, gastro pubs & random market stalls.

getting our tickets for Les Miserables

local brunch in Islington

GastroPub The Harwood Arms

on the way to Les Miserables

Ottolenghi - an absolute treat

Now this is a Sunday Roast

I packed quite a few of my Tokyo Kaleidoscope day frocks and just loved how I could make them suit to any occasion! Which had been a goal of mine for 2015 - to incorporate my gorgeous frocks into my daily wardrobe instead of just special occasions! Here's to creating even more frocks & frivolities to wear - hand made, eco friendly, sustainable and following the slow fashion movement.

The flutter sleeve tee - a perfect addition to my wardrobe

Sweet strappy singlets for the summer

Can be dressed up & down

Flutter Sleeve Mini Frock in Sonning

I wish London wasn’t so far away