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A Vintage Tokyo Moment


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A Vintage Tokyo Moment

leanne yew

Every story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite...
— unknown

A traditional wedding shot

With our overseas July wedding celebrations edging even closer - it seems fitting to finally share these gorgeous photos of Aron & I in traditional Japanese wedding attire.

Shot by the ever talented and lovely 37 Frames, I cannot wait to have them with us overseas shooting our celebrations in Bali. 

We spent a lovely morning with Tracey & Dee in a historical Japanese house in Meguro, Tokyo.

Aron was dressed in the traditional male hakama, consisting of the under layer robes, with the black haori jacket tied over it and of course his wedding fan.

My hair was long enough to be put into the traditional shin nihon gami (which is an experience indeed!) and then I too was dressed in my under lying white kimono robes, then the most absolutely breathtaking red & gold, colourful embroidered uchikake (formal wedding kimono) was placed upon me. The uchikake weighed approximately 15kgs alone! I wore it for over 4 hours, reminded me of the backpack I carried on the Inca Trail!

 I've never worn a kimono traditionally before and I'm so thankful that when I was given the chance to wear one, it was with a kimono reserved for one of life's most special occasions. 

the non traditional couple photo - sitting in seiza position with a kiss (tho it was extremely difficult for me to even lean over! haha!

to love, laughter and happily ever after