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Semadang River Kayaking


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Semadang River Kayaking

leanne yew

only the curious have, if they live... a tale worth telling at all

As you can probably tell I love to travel and try to do so as much as I can - a lot of my travel though isn't to ridiculously fancy cities for shopping or Michelin star restaurants... even though they are nice enough and I definitely do enjoy a bit of a splurge for a special occasion - I just love exploring and seeing new places especially ones with breathtaking nature (probably because I live in the concrete jungle of Tokyo but miss the beauty of Australia's nature).

I will eventually make it and visit cities like Paris & New York but I have always been more enchanted by the more unknown, off the beaten track destinations or destinations with rich history and hints of ancient civilizations (which is why I was so elated to have visited the Galapagos & Macchu Picchu a couple years back). I want to see all these beautiful wonders before they disappear. 

I also really love to visit places that are invested in protecting & conserving their natural environment for the future (can't wait to visit two more places by the end of this year!) which is why I was so excited to be able to finally visit Kuching, Sarawak in Malaysia (but part of Borneo) and see some of their beautiful nature & stay in some eco-conscious places.

As a wedding gift from one of our friends, we were given a day of adventure organized by Semadang Kayak - starting the morning visiting the Orangutans in the Sanctuary. We were very lucky as we saw a bunch of them including the Alpha Male (sometimes you can go and see none of them!).

It was very crowded in the Sanctuary but it was amazing to see these majestic creatures and then to a day of kayaking down the Semadang River. I really enjoy kayaking and the beautiful scenery - but the last time I kayaked I was probably in University or even high school - so wow! my arms were sore the next day!

It was such a fun experience doing this kayak adventure and just being surrounded by nature - I do hope I get the chance to visit again!

life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all
— helen keller