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The Tomesode Frock


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The Tomesode Frock

leanne yew

People will stare. Make it worth their while
— Harry Winston

The WATERFALL frock created from a Tomesode Kimono

There are just so many stunning kimonos I've discovered and to be discovered! I fall in love with every one of them & at times it is a bit painful to be parted from them, yet creating something beautiful for someone is wonderful.

One of my all time favourite kimonos to discover is the rare Tomesode. Generally a plain base colour (often I discover soft creams/whites, though there are the rare tomesodes in colourful shades), the kimono may look a bit boring until you see the gorgeous (generally floral) print cascading over the kimono sleeves , down the front to line the bottom of the kimono itself.

With them, a maxi frock is created that is stunningly gorgeous with a plainer bodice, falling into a tiered graduation of pattern. 

Below is my showpiece WATERFALL frock: short from the front cascading down into a full length maxi

photographed by FABIAN PARKES

It can sometimes be a bit difficult to envisage a vintage kimono being transformed into a modern day frock & at times a tomesode kimono may be overlooked because of the plain background & minimal print. However remember looks can be deceiving.

This gorgeous Tomesode maxi frock below, was created from a kimono that had been passed over many times, whenever I had a showing & so I thought I would use it for my own experimentation & this beautiful dress was created. 

So though it may not look like much at first glance, if I have placed it in my kimono collection, rest assure -something breathtaking will come of it ^_^

current tomesode collection can be found HERE.

*Tomesodes are more rare & more expensive to find, so they form an even more limited collection