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The Versatile Frock


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The Versatile Frock

leanne yew

don’t change to fit the fashion, change the fashion to fit you
— inescapable beauty

I love experimenting with my kimono fabric - although I had training in traditional pattern - making./ tailoring techniques - I prefer to see how the material falls & wraps across the body.

Especially with how kimono panels are only in 36-38cm widths, it's requires slightly more creative thinking to construct my tokyo kaleidoscope pieces.

I love a versatile piece, one I can dress up & dress down, go from day to night. It's even better if I can twist the design of the dress so I can physically wear it different ways.

This maxi frock number is a combination of my love for one shoulder frocks (throw back to my first ever TK pieces) & my experimentation with a halter neck design.

I have slightly broad shoulders for my size , so I generally don't like accentuating them with thin "tie around the neck" halter neck straps - instead the modern V neck line halter line flatters my shape well & the long straps are secretly buttoned to the inside of the back of the dress. A slightly more glamourous look for a night out on the town - though still fitting for evening on the beach.

I love this versatility of this frock, as with a simple unbuttoning & re-tying the knot to go over one shoulder - it becomes a fabulous, flowing maxi dress - perfect to wear in the summer evening or thrown over a bikini to head out for some cocktails..

This style shown in our current capsule collection Barefoot & Breathless is available for custom order, just find a kimono you love in our kimono collection.

PS. You can also re - tie it around your waist to have a fabulous maxi skirt! though heels will have to be worn ^^

Photos: iPhone 5