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Hello 2015


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Hello 2015

leanne yew

from small beginnings… come great things…”
— unknown

Here's to a GOLDEN 2015!

I'm so excited for this coming year! The last two years have been an absolute whirlwind of ups & downs, tears & laughter. It's hard to believe that 2013 & 2014 have already passed. When I reflect back on the events in those years, it seems like a lifetime ago… when instead it's been a mere 2 years.

So much has changed, yet remained the same and so much has been reaffirmed to how I wish to continue living a life full of creativity, travel, exploration & positive thoughts, surrounded by inspiring, motivated people.

I've never had any trouble envisioning the bigger picture of what I want to accomplish in my life and with Tokyo Kaleidoscope,. However I do tend to get distracted & flounder a bit on the steps in-between (I want to do everything!!! )

This year I'm determined to grow TK even more & ensure I have the time for my own personal growth and to do so, sometimes I need to remember these little steps - in - between.

  • write everything down!! Weekly, monthly tasks, goals - random musings

I've been trying to use my iPad/iphone calendar more to save paper - but I'm ol school - I love pretty stationary & having journals to scribble on

  • take the time to dis - engage, rejuvenate the imagination by reading again

Tokyo living has limited space & books are a heavy, bulky commodity. I've tried the iPad but I'm a paper girl & I've missed my novels. I grew up on Terry Brooks, Anne McCaffrey, Raymond E Fiest, Alexandre Dumas - so will be having some of those shipped over from Australia.

  • time for myself

Living in a bustling, vibrant city such as Tokyo, there is always something on, always something where your friends will be and sometimes its hard saying 'No" but sometimes you just have too.

  • get lost, wander, walk around

one of my favourite past-times, wandering around Tokyo's backstreets - so many hidden treasures & inspiring hideaways - I've been so tight on time the last couple of years, working insane hours, barely sleeping - I forget I need to refresh myself so I can focus better.

  • travel somewhere you've never been before 

I do this every year and intend to keep on doing it *smiles*

the best is yet to come!
— unknown