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Macchu Picchu                  Farewell 2014


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Macchu Picchu Farewell 2014

leanne yew

the journey is the destination…
it will take time effort, blood, sweat & tears … but I will get there...
— unknown

It seems fitting that my last blog post to say farewell to 2014 is about a place I've always dreamed about & wished to see & in the summer of 2014 I did it. 

The journey to Macchu Picchu was breathtaking, inspiring & unbelievably challenging. Nature at it's finest - so many diverse eco systems & the mysterious quality of the Inca Cities, how they've survived and if there are more to be found...

I took part in the 4 day Inca Trail hike, camping every night, no showers, carrying a 15kg backpack which feels considerably heavier (imagine 10 kg more) when you're in such high altitude.

I learnt that I'm definitely an uphill climber, downhill absolutely destroys me (weak knees…perhaps from wearing too many high heels?).  The journey taught me to trust even more in my own instincts & belief in my ability.

Photos taken by my Nikon D40x & iPhone 5

entering the Inca Trail, this would be our last full day of gorgeous blue skies & sunshine and coming upon our first Inca City.

Our matching rain onezies (the matching was unintentional - there was only one colour available)

the beauty & mystique of the Inca Trail I don't think can ever be adequately captured by a photographer, these are just some snippets as I was too busy enjoying the wonder around me and concentrating on not falling head over feet down the slippery slope!

finally reaching our last base camp before Macchu Picchu & the beautiful Inca City of Winay Wayna - equally impressive as Macchu Picchu & inspirational in it's quietness & solitude amidst the mountains

an unexpected panorama of me relaxing on a tip of Winay Wayna captured by Sasha.

And in this beautiful ancient city of Winay Wayna, sitting amongst the grassy stone terraces with the rain lightly beginning to fall upon us, is where I became engaged to my man, the best other half of me.


After the craziness of 2013, 2014 has been a year of consolidation, setting down the foundation of TK to keep pursuing & fulfilling my dreams & goals. Over the years there have been numerous ups & downs, one step forward, several steps backwards - it can at times be difficult to remain focused and positive. 

I've faltered & probably will do again sometime in the future

Yet through it all, there are no regrets - I've learnt from every experience and this latest adventure of mine, (which has started a whole new adventure too with the man I love) further extolls ...

'the journey is the destination, there will be blood, sweat, tears…

it will take time & effort, but I will get there'

2015 I cannot wait to see what you bring

Tokyo Kaleidoscope at Macchu Picchu (unwashed for 4 days - with my grubby sneakers & leggings hidden under my skirt)

it may not be easy, but it will be worth it